Trying Out Brown Boots: Race And The Self

March 31, 2011


When I look into the mirror, I don’t see the ‘brown’ anywhere in me. I am aware of the colour of my skin and I know that it's not white. But I don’t see what I am supposed to see that makes me comfortable with ‘brown’ or ‘woman of colour’.

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On Taking the Bus…

March 28, 2011


It’s never a random decision. Oh I think I’ll take the bus… nope can’t do. Not dressed like that anyhow. Being a girl in India means many things. It means you’re valued less, you’re harassed more. It also means that you have to be very very careful about how you choose to cloth yourself when […]

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On writing more and thinking about writing less…

March 23, 2011


A million ideas live and die in my head everyday. Stories I want to write about the way I see people live their lives Entire epics stemming from the simple and fleeting moments of observation. Of people I see in the bus, on the road, at work. Stories I want to weave out of the […]

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Random: on cell-phones and such

October 10, 2010


Cell phones are not just cell phones. They are human GPS tracking chips, the technical upgrade to the Marco Polo game. They are to parents, the apparently mysterious vault of secrets where children conduct CIA classified correspondence, which must be probed and questioned every time the text message alert comes in.

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‘People like us’ and our right books: the politics of good prose

August 29, 2010


To me, the ideal book is an effortless blend of story and quality prose and I truly think that majority of the contemporary Indian English Fiction is very high up there in that regard. While it is admittedly writing itself into a larger clichéd South Asian identity narrative as seen through anglicized eyes trope, there is unquestionable richness to these stories that are told.

The World of Clark

July 6, 2010


On the night when I can’t sleep, which is really most nights I often have this thing I do. Make lists. It’s a fun exercise, guaranteed to restore some order in your life and also lull you into sleep. In any case, on this particular night I was busy counting up the total number of […]

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Talking Movies: What Makes I Hate Luv Storys Different and What Doesn’t

July 5, 2010


The Indian Rom-Com follows a shockingly limited number of tropes. Either it is the saga of childhood sweethearts, the they’re good friends who realize lately post much angst that they're actually in love or of course the ever popular they hate each other only to realize that it was love. I Hate... belongs to the third category of the opposites attract paradigm, that essential of cinematic ideas which has given countless forgettable and unforgettable movies. Only here, it takes a self-deprecating effort shot at itself through endless parodies and spoofs of its predecessors through its film within a film sub-plot