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How Technology can Breed Complacency

March 31, 2009


The technology available to journalists have led them to circumvent any real field work, or face to face interaction. While this is completely justified given the short deadlines they work under, its given rise to a lot of surface scratching and incomplete research, where we’re only as knowledgeable on a subject as Google allows us to be.

The Lands of Perpetual Recession

March 29, 2009


Rural poverty is something we can all pretend to understand. It's all about using the right words, the sympathetic gestures and the apt amount of righteous indignation. But it really startles you when you confront it face to face and you find yourself not sympathising so much as grappling with the sheer deprivation that exists in the heartlands of every country. These are the people that globalization and the bandwagon that goes with it missed out on. Yet they bear the costs without a tangible benefit in sight. Their village water resources are bled dry to fuel cola company plants for urban consumers. They're the ones left hanging dry when IMF reforms force states to rollback on their aid, so that capital can flow into the cities and give them the much desired structures of glass and steel.

Intelligible Television: More New Shows and not all impress

March 19, 2009


Reserving judgement on Castle paid off.  The second episode was impressive and more than compensated for the average pilot.  In ‘Nanny McDead’, Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a nanny whose body is found tumbling in the basement dryer of an apartment building. What ensues is your regular crime drama route with cheating spouses and […]

Talking Movies: The Dark Knight- To Understand the Reason of Unreason

March 14, 2009


Batman's dark aura and visible moral ambiguity make for the perfect Film noir and it shows in the grey and black tones and the gravelly voice. Literally and figuratively speaking, The Joker makes a splash of colour with only his bizarreness and turns Bruce Wayne's monochromatic world upside down and inside out.

Intelligible Television: Bones that become soggy….

March 13, 2009


If you haven't inferred anything from the obvious title, the bones of a car salesman are foaming and disintegrating at an alarming double digit percentage per hour and the quirky team at the Mythical Jeffersonian only have a few hours before their evidence dissolves into green slime.

Intelligible Television:Winter Line-up, Dollhouse and why I am liking it..

March 11, 2009


It’s been a bad year for television and not just in a budget cuts, recession way. Many of the new shows which premiered this fall expected to be runaway hits, fell flatter than their non-existent storylines, with a few not even making it past their third episode. The only visible smash hit off the year, […]