Intelligible Television:TV’s most annoying characters, The Hit List

Posted on August 17, 2009


Ever felt like strangling someone from TV? I do loads of times. Some characters get to us. They bother us in ways that real people can. You pray for that accident or season finale that sends them packing. If they happen to be in a show you like, well then that’s doubly difficult because you have no choice but to watch them, week after week, invading your peace. Here are a few I think are particularly annoying. Some from shows I love, and some well I thankfully couldn’t care less about.

Before you begin… those of you kind enough to be reading this kindly put your pitchforks and daggers down should you come across someone you like in this article. This is NOT representative of anything or anyone’s opinion save mine. If you have a list like mine, share it here and find the same therapeutic experience that I am looking for.

Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood: It’s bitter-sweet to watch Anna Paquin do such a good job, portraying Sookie. She gets the nuances and the traits spot on and credit goes to her for playing the small town Southern belle so well. But all of it gets so very lost on me, by the fact that I have never come across a more vapid, emotionally inconsistent and ditzy fictional character. She has the attention span of an eight year old and zero sense of self-preservation .I am hard pressed to believe that this simpering, complaining, telepathic mess of a girl is the object of desire of not one but two very sexy vampires.

Temperance Brennan, Bones: Great intellect is apparently no guarantee that you won’t be obnoxious and insufferable. While social ineptness combined with disinterest in regular human activities, works so well for Sheldon in The Big Bang Theoryit only seems to make Brennan a snob without cause. While I have nothing against smart people and their awareness of their abilities, Brennan’s conceit seems baseless for the most part. The character is insulting to anyone who doesn’t confirm with her beliefs, looks down upon the rest of society and justifies it with highly suspect logic. If it weren’t for the rest of the funny and quirky characters and solid story-lines, I don’t think I could stand watching this show.

Jim, According to Jim:Abrasive but lovable suburban father? Really! The whole regular guy meme is a sitcom favorite .The guy who loves his family but is far from the ideal father, who is not above resorting to some amount of lying and deception to smoothen things. Who won’t take art classes or know about poetry. When handled well, it can give you an Everybody Loves Raymond. When pushed over the top like with Jim’s character it borders on sexism , is offensive and plain unfunny.

The ensemble of Gossip Girl: If I could differentiate one manipulative, self-absorbed, back-stabbing teenage brat from the other, I would maybe list their names. But any time I see them on the screen, they’re just one big designer clad blur. By the time I make out who’s screwing whom over, I’ve usually lost interest or changed to 90210 and haven’t realized it yet.

Marissa Cooper, The O.C.: The rich have issues. We get that. There is no need to plague one girl with every problem from the troubled teenager’s manual. Lacking any originality or substance, Marissa will perhaps go down in history as the worst walking clich� of the poor little rich girl.