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Penmanship Nostalgia

September 13, 2009


Handwriting is an extremely organic process. It’s stimulating, beautiful and spontaneous. It's something you do for yourself. Typing on the other hand is deliberate and organized. It'll never quite feel so artistic. It doesn't even feel sexy.

Intelligible Television: Psych and the Yips

September 12, 2009


This episode is a perfect example of when Psych accomplishes the fine balance between keeping it funny and dabbling with some heavy stuff. 'Shawn has the Yips' is well written and well shot with an uncanny ability to jump from funny moment to a serious one seamlessly.

Let’s Talk About Weight: A Crisis of Over-Righteousness

September 7, 2009


There are simply too many conflicting ideas about fitness and food for anyone to not have an opinion. I happen to have one. Its not the most scientific, or the most politically correct or the most extreme, but its what it is. It works for me and I plan on keeping it that way.