On writing more and thinking about writing less…

Posted on March 23, 2011


A million ideas live and die in my head everyday.
Stories I want to write about the way I see people live their lives Entire epics stemming from the simple and fleeting moments of observation.
Of people I see in the bus, on the road, at work.
Stories I want to weave out of the plots that have been circulating inside my consciousness for years, caged in purgatory, changing direction every hour.
And yet… those which escape the confines of my head are so few, so far in between.
Am I really not as good as everyone thinks?
Am I really as good as I think I am?
Issues I feel for – so many all the time. Observations about culture that neatly arranging themselves in sentences and paragraphs, life experiences that would make the wittiest anecdotes.
They lie dormant mostly floating around in a cerebral vortex, never quite making it out, making it anywhere at all.
And yet sometimes, it gets to me, that need to let the words out. They’re screaming at me, forcing me to stay awake till dawn, not giving in till they’re out there for everyone to read.
Wish all my ideas fought quite so hard…maybe they’d all make it out.

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