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Random: on cell-phones and such

October 10, 2010


Cell phones are not just cell phones. They are human GPS tracking chips, the technical upgrade to the Marco Polo game. They are to parents, the apparently mysterious vault of secrets where children conduct CIA classified correspondence, which must be probed and questioned every time the text message alert comes in.

An Exercise in Poverty Tourism

March 18, 2010


For us to sojourn into the rural hinterlands to find poverty on display to gape at. Then to feel sorry about what we see and write about our encounters in sympathy evoking prose. The idea has always rubbed me the wrong way even if the learning experience of it has tremedous potential.

Intelligible Television:TV’s most annoying characters, The Hit List

August 17, 2009


Ever felt like strangling someone from TV? I do loads of times. Some characters get to us. They bother us in ways that real people can. You pray for that accident or season finale that sends them packing. If they happen to be in a show you like, well then that's doubly difficult because you have no choice but to watch them, week after week, invading your peace. Here are a few I think are particularly annoying. Some from shows I love, and some well I thankfully couldn't care less about.

Intelligible Television: Sometimes, Good Shows Have Bad Days

August 16, 2009


This wasn't the best episode and If I had to be harsh, it barely made it to being a good one. 'He Dead' finds Shawn ( James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) entering the world of the rich and their clichés. Christine Baranski guest stars as a billionaire hedge fund manager's widow who dies in a mysterious plane crash but only after he extracts a promise from Shawn to find out who killed him.

Look Who’s on Twitter!

April 11, 2009


Co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone was on The Colbert Report the other night, and he said “Twitter is like the messaging service, we didn't know we needed."

How Technology can Breed Complacency

March 31, 2009


The technology available to journalists have led them to circumvent any real field work, or face to face interaction. While this is completely justified given the short deadlines they work under, its given rise to a lot of surface scratching and incomplete research, where we’re only as knowledgeable on a subject as Google allows us to be.

Intelligible Television: More New Shows and not all impress

March 19, 2009


Reserving judgement on Castle paid off.  The second episode was impressive and more than compensated for the average pilot.  In ‘Nanny McDead’, Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a nanny whose body is found tumbling in the basement dryer of an apartment building. What ensues is your regular crime drama route with cheating spouses and […]