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‘People like us’ and our right books: the politics of good prose

August 29, 2010


To me, the ideal book is an effortless blend of story and quality prose and I truly think that majority of the contemporary Indian English Fiction is very high up there in that regard. While it is admittedly writing itself into a larger clichéd South Asian identity narrative as seen through anglicized eyes trope, there is unquestionable richness to these stories that are told.

Talking Movies: What Makes I Hate Luv Storys Different and What Doesn’t

July 5, 2010


The Indian Rom-Com follows a shockingly limited number of tropes. Either it is the saga of childhood sweethearts, the they’re good friends who realize lately post much angst that they're actually in love or of course the ever popular they hate each other only to realize that it was love. I Hate... belongs to the third category of the opposites attract paradigm, that essential of cinematic ideas which has given countless forgettable and unforgettable movies. Only here, it takes a self-deprecating effort shot at itself through endless parodies and spoofs of its predecessors through its film within a film sub-plot

Ramp Walking to Shlokas: Everyday Goddesses

March 19, 2010


It got me thinking about who our modern day Lakshmis were. Are they not is some way our icons of popular culture? The capricious nature of their wealth, fame, and beauty, so like the goddess’ fickle bounty: to be given and taken away at will and without reason.

Let’s Talk About Weight: A Crisis of Over-Righteousness

September 7, 2009


There are simply too many conflicting ideas about fitness and food for anyone to not have an opinion. I happen to have one. Its not the most scientific, or the most politically correct or the most extreme, but its what it is. It works for me and I plan on keeping it that way.