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Random: on cell-phones and such

October 10, 2010


Cell phones are not just cell phones. They are human GPS tracking chips, the technical upgrade to the Marco Polo game. They are to parents, the apparently mysterious vault of secrets where children conduct CIA classified correspondence, which must be probed and questioned every time the text message alert comes in.

‘People like us’ and our right books: the politics of good prose

August 29, 2010


To me, the ideal book is an effortless blend of story and quality prose and I truly think that majority of the contemporary Indian English Fiction is very high up there in that regard. While it is admittedly writing itself into a larger clichéd South Asian identity narrative as seen through anglicized eyes trope, there is unquestionable richness to these stories that are told.

Ramp Walking to Shlokas: Everyday Goddesses

March 19, 2010


It got me thinking about who our modern day Lakshmis were. Are they not is some way our icons of popular culture? The capricious nature of their wealth, fame, and beauty, so like the goddess’ fickle bounty: to be given and taken away at will and without reason.

An Exercise in Poverty Tourism

March 18, 2010


For us to sojourn into the rural hinterlands to find poverty on display to gape at. Then to feel sorry about what we see and write about our encounters in sympathy evoking prose. The idea has always rubbed me the wrong way even if the learning experience of it has tremedous potential.

Let’s Talk About Weight: A Crisis of Over-Righteousness

September 7, 2009


There are simply too many conflicting ideas about fitness and food for anyone to not have an opinion. I happen to have one. Its not the most scientific, or the most politically correct or the most extreme, but its what it is. It works for me and I plan on keeping it that way.

Talking Movies: Vintage Celluloid

August 9, 2009


The Purple Rose of Cairo has got to be one of the charming movies I've ever come across. It's quaint flow and child-like simplicity can easily lull us into thinking of it like yet another romantic comedy. But 'Purple Rose...' is much like a warm breeze, that floats about unobtrusively and yet you can't feel unaffected by it.

The Lands of Perpetual Recession

March 29, 2009


Rural poverty is something we can all pretend to understand. It's all about using the right words, the sympathetic gestures and the apt amount of righteous indignation. But it really startles you when you confront it face to face and you find yourself not sympathising so much as grappling with the sheer deprivation that exists in the heartlands of every country. These are the people that globalization and the bandwagon that goes with it missed out on. Yet they bear the costs without a tangible benefit in sight. Their village water resources are bled dry to fuel cola company plants for urban consumers. They're the ones left hanging dry when IMF reforms force states to rollback on their aid, so that capital can flow into the cities and give them the much desired structures of glass and steel.